Super Silver Haze AAAA


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Super Silver Haze AAAA

Are you looking for the one strain to rule them all? The one strain that can make you forget about your day and give you a high you’ve never experienced before? Enter Super Silver Haze AAAA, the three-year champion of the High Time Cannabis Cup. It won the prestigious award in 1997,98, and then again in 99. You can see why it’s so immensely popular. Experts term it one of the highest-quality sativas in the WORLD. Like any true Sativa, it has a skunky taste mixed with hints of citrus and diesel. You can bet your last dollar that it is a dank cannabis strain. Even though the flavor is a bit harsh, people still yearn for it and enjoy the effects recreationally and medically. It has been twenty years since the three consecutive wins, and Super Silver Haze is still going strong and making waves. Just think about the impact that it has had on the cannabis market.

Like a true masterpiece, Super Silver Haze has various effects. It’ll increase your focus and leave you uplifted, energetic, and euphoric. It is one of the best pick-me-ups you’ve ever had. If you haven’t tried it already, you should, and the minute you do, you’ll become a fan.

Super Silver Haze is a skillfully crafted and bred marijuana strain, and it’s no surprise considering its parentage. Its lineage comes from three highly sought-after and popular strains Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk #1. Considering these strains and how huge they are, it’s no wonder Super Silver Haze has garnered such recognition.

Genetically speaking, Super Silver Haze is 70% Sativa and 30 Indica. Experts say that it is the perfect balance between the two. The slight touch of Indica helps improve the energy without putting the smoker in a lot of anxiety or stress. In fact, it is very much possible for you to stay calm while feeling like you can do whatever you want. Talk to anyone, and they’ll say it’s a winning combination. If that wasn’t enough, Super Silver Haze also boasts a formidable 23% THC level. What else could a stoner want? Not only will the high take over you quickly, but it’ll also last you all day, and best of all, never put you down or make you uncomfortable.

Super Silver Haze has a pleasant aroma featuring sweet, candy-like notes mixed with a bit of spice, skunky, diesel, and sage. The flavor hints at citrus, spicy, sour, and a bit earthy.


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