Moby Dick AAAA


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Moby Dick AAAA

The Moby Dick cannabis strain is the big white whale of the cannabis industry that only a few can overcome. Most fall under its spell and spend a great time feeling energetic and euphoric. Moby Dick is a strong Sativa strain with a THC level of 27%. This one is meant for experienced stoners only as it packs a massive punch, but newbies can also partake in it if they start very small and build their resistance before going on.

In 2010, Moby Dick won the coveted Soft Secret’s “Girl of the Year” award and has been on various connoisseurs’ and patients’ favorite list since then. Moby Dick has it all—aroma, flavor, and a high that’ll lift you up and elevate your mood.

Moby Dick is a cross between the hybrid White Widow and the Sativa Haze. It was created in Amsterdam but is currently under Dinafem Seeds’ patronage, world-renowned for its strains.

Moby Dick gets its aroma from one of its parents, Haze, and offers delightful and delectable citrus scents. Not to stop there, there are also subtle hints of vanilla and eucalyptus, which are from White Haze. The pairing is unique and tasty and will have you reaching out for another puff.

The flavor, just like the aroma, is intriguing and has unique features. You will feel the taste of sour lemons at the beginning. Gradually that’ll fade, and you’ll be able to pick up the sweet and creamy vanilla paired with touches of pine. Unlike most strong strains, both the inhale and the exhale are soft and do not overwhelm. If you were worried about chest irritation or coughing, don’t be.

Like any Sativa, the buds are dense and thick. The colors range from light to dark green in various shades. The pistils are dark orange intertwining through the leaves. There’s a heavy coating of crystals and trichomes hence the high THC levels.

Moby Dick can help you with various medical ailments and illnesses, which just adds to its repertoire and explains why it’s so sought-after and well-liked. Moby Dick can help you with the symptoms of chronic stress, fatigue, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and more. It also helps with physical ailments like chronic pain, low appetite, fatigue, nausea, migraines, muscle spasms, anorexia, and arthritis.


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