Black Lime Reserve Strain


• 19%-23% THC
• 1% CBD

Black Lime, also known as Black Lime Special Reserve, is a powerhouse of an indica strain with an intriguing and dank lineage. It inherited the ‘Black’ part of its’ name from Northern Lights as a nod to its’ deep, purple hues and leaves, while the ‘Lime’ part comes from the sweet, citrus-like notes from its’ Chemdawg lineage.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Chemdawg Special Reserve x Northern Lights x Purple Kush
EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric & Sociable
TERPENE PROFILE Lime, Pine, Diesel & Spicy


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Black Lime Reserve

You don’t have to be a citrus lover to enjoy this strain! Black Lime Reserve, also known simply as Black Lime, is a heavy hitting indica-dominant hybrid strain that is deserving of anyone’s top shelf cannabis collection! A runner up for the High Times Cannabis Cup as well as a winner of the Emerald Cup, this sweet and sour strain was created by professional breeders at Aficionado Seed Bank by crossing other popular top dog cannabis crowd favourites: Northern LightsPurple Kush, and Chemdawg Special Reserve. With strong potency, full-bodied effects and a delicious earthy and spicy citrus flavour profile, the Black Lime Reserve strain makes a popular choice for medical users as well as indica lovers seeking to experience euphoric highs with feelings of deep relaxation!

Effects of Black Lime

The Black Lime Reserve strain starts out as an uplifting head high that will wash over you with amazing waves of euphoria. Users will experience a slight tingling sensation as the body high settles in, and as it progresses, a numbing effect will take place, leaving users feeling totally relaxed, happy and stress-free. The high THC level paired with these strong effects make Black Lime Reserve a popular medical strain choice for patients looking to relieve depression and anxiety, though it is also effective in helping alleviate and manage chronic pains and headaches. The relaxation felt with Black Lime Reserve would be particularly helpful in battling insomnia, and due to its numbing and lazy-like effects, the strain is best suited for nighttime usage.

THC Content

Black Lime Reserve by Aficionado measures at a consistent average of 19% THC concentration with 1% CBD. An indica dominant hybrid, it carries a 70% indica ratio to 30% sativa. Its THC count may not seem staggeringly high but remains above average and its potency should not be questioned–it’s not a cannabis prize winner without good reason! With such a decorated family tree, it’s apparent as to why the Black Lime Reserve delivers such an amazing and potent high. Northern Lights is a pure indica and is one of the most powerful strains available on the cannabis market with highs of 21% THC; Purple Kush, another pure indica with typical 22% THC levels, was named one of the world’s Top 10 Power Strains by High Times; while the Chemdawg Special Reserve is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is, yet another Emerald Cup Winner created by the Sames breeders at Aficionado Seed Bank.

Appearance & Aroma

The nugs of Black Lime Reserve are relatively on the smaller side and are mint green in colour, speckled with light amber pistils. It is generously covered in a layer of white trichomes, a luxurious look that is deserving for this top shelf strain. Just as one might expect, the Black Lime Reserve has a predominantly noticeable citrus flavour as well as aroma profile. The undertone of its scent comes off with a mixture of pungentness, earthy pine and spices, while its taste upon exhale is of a sweet burst of lime that is nicely balanced by a pepper-like spice and a fresh earthiness.


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G, 1/4LB


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